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Feeding animals at Austin Zoo.





Bill Gates and Paul Allen reunite and recreate their classic 1981 Microsoft photo

In the black and white photo, baby-faced Gates and bearded Allen pose with the technology of the time: early personal computers. That was the year the duo launched Microsoft’s operating system, MS-DOS, at the time running on IBM personal computers.

On Tuesday night, at a private event at Allen’s Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Gates and Allen recreated their famous pose, surprising a group of IT veterans assembled to celebrate the achievements of the past forty years of computing. Before smiling for the cameras, the two stood together, apart from the crowd of mingling tech pioneers, catching up quietly in a corner then looking at some of their handiwork from Microsoft’s early days.





Perfect day in Vernon, NJ. Mountain Creek is better than never…


"Are you interesting?" or "Were you interesting?"

Two days ago I was lunching alone and listening two young girls talking about a guy. They were saying how handsome he is and one girl said: “Did you know he has a loft in Soho and other one in Midtown?” Her friend replied: “Is that true? How interesting! Do you know if he is dating someone?” “No, I don’t” And both restarted to eat, looking their foods with thoughtful faces.

Meanwhile, in another table, there was two men talking about a company. One of them had a bottle of wine in his hand and he was talking about how long he hadn’t listening about it. He was explaining to the youngest that “In the past, this had being promoted on radio and television, and everybody knew and talked about it.” The youngest was paying attention to the history and looked like interested. “Nowadays, the company just have an informational website and nobody knows about it. Besides, as they don’t have social media profiles, they actually are hidden in a www set of letters.” The youngest finally said: “How can they throw away people attention like that!?” And both restarted to eat and changed the subject talking about the line of people waiting for the release of iPhone 5.

In both cases, the conversation was interesting only when one of them didn’t know about the hole story. In the girls’ case, that guy is interesting and they probably want to know about what he is doing now and in the future.

In a marketing point of view, companies need to manage their content to be interesting in order to attract customer’s attention. It doesn’t matter how great you were. Something is interesting when it is remarkable (Seth Godin’s Purple Cow). If you show to your audience that you are working to maintain your status of outstanding, you are showing that is valid to be followed. 

Keep in mind: if you are interesting, it is because you did something great and people are expecting more about you. 


Watch here a great list of classic rock (100 riffs in 12 minutes). Amazing.

A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll (by Alex Chadwick - Chicago Music Exchange)


McDonald’s Managing Expectations - Video Answer

This video from McDonald’s is awesome for two reasons: benchmarking and expectations’ management. If you have a restaurant (pub, bar, truck, etc.), watch and learn how to do (or ask for doing) menus, posters, banners, folders, pamphlets and other similar visual ads.

It’s obvious that restaurants (mainly fast food) don’t take a picture of a regular order and print it. It’s impossible to have a good picture in an one minute sandwich. (That’s why there’s a lot of beautiful pictures of Shake Shack’s burger on Internet.) We know that. 

What is important to emphasize here is the way McDonald’s is managing customers’ expectations, replying for questions in their Canadian website (http://yourquestions.mcdonalds.ca/questions/224).  

Showing why a sandwich looks like different from ads to real orders, and explaining that it’s exactly the same product, McDonald’s is leveling expectations in order to manage customers’ way to evaluate their experience of buying a burger.

Managing expectation is one of the best way to create value to customers after finishing the purchasing process. When we set a correct expectation, at least our clients will leave our business satisfied. If we promise less than they are receiving, we are creating value to them. But, if we promise more (a beautiful burger) and they receive less (an ugly one), we are delivering frustration. 

However, in that case, McDonald’s is saying: “Come on, if you want a fancy burger, go to another place. If you want something fast and always with the same taste, you came to the right place.” And, that’s my friends, that’s how they are managing clients’ expectations and trying to create value to them.


Pinterest for Marketers

Analyzing Pinterest in order to use it for marketing purpose, It’s pretty clear that companies can explore this media to get consumers attention like TV ads used to do in the past.

Till the end of 1990’s, companies used to focus on creativity to make us paying attention on interrupting ads. Advertisements also had a focus on fixing in our minds that some companies had to be good considering how much they were spending to entertain us.

After Internet and social media boom, we don’t accept anymore to be interrupted and creativity in ads doesn’t take our attention as used to do in the past. Using Internet search engines, now is easy to know if some company is good (or not) and if that innovative commercial is honest (or not). 

Today, the best way to use our creative’s human resources is exploring all social media to expand a great idea that fits with what people are waiting for. So, what people want to see in each kind of media? What people don’t want to see?

Pinterest can help marketers to explore again customer’s desire to be supplied with great funny and breathtaking images. Imagine this: if I want to see amazing images, I can get in Pinterest, see something interesting and click on it. After first click, I can see in a proper way what is getting my attention. Opened this picture in a new window, if I click again on image, I’ll be sent to the original site where that image is stored (to see more stuffs like that). 

So, if we understand what kind of pictures is capturing their attention, we can create visual contents to manipulate them to get in our websites to see more. In a specific page of our website we can create other interactions to get their attention in another way, introducing business perspectives or products (with permission). Oh, just remembering: if you are selling meat, don’t attract vegans. It doesn’t work.


Your point of view or you are the point of view?

Many of us are always trying to find some model, framework, book or theory that have to fit exactly to what we are looking for. As Search Engines give us pages of links to whatever we are searching for, we tend to think that if isn’t in the first 2 pages it’s not good enough or it doesn’t exist. How lazy are we?

Worst: many times we’ve been accepting the best alternative, even if the chosen one isn’t exactly what will help us to solve our problem. Sometimes, we didn’t type the best set of words. Many times, we didn’t try another set of words. Few times, we look for a different angle. And here, my friends, it’s the Achilles’ heel.

When we are trying to solve a problem, we’re always looking forward to find something based on our strict point of view. If we are a marketer, we want to find some marketing case about how a similar company did in that situation. If we are a spare part seller, we try to find out a good example of B2B to have some insights. Why don´t we change the point of view?

If we are a buyer, why don’t we look for a seller example to understand where we fit on its selling process? If we are a marketer, why don’t we search for customers perspectives to find out tips about how they are trying to better enjoy opportunities with us?

Nowadays, having all these social media and technologies easiness, customers don’t want to just receive information, promotion and offerings. They want to participate of the buying process. They want to facilitate marketer’s work, helping them to build a personalized exchange of benefits.

Both sides need to understand that today we have to see what our partners (yesterday rivals) are doing and how we can help them to help us. We are always supplier and client of someone. We have always a point of view. We are always the point of someone’s view. Understanding the whole process, it’s easier to find out whatever we are looking for. Google it.

By Felipe S. Dall’Igna


Why so fast when you want slow down?

Last winter I went to a fast food restaurant at 4pm. There wasn’t line and the attendent asked me as fast as possible and made me feel like I was blocking the business flow. After that, I started to think about my recent experiences in different places, cities and hour.

New York City, for example. Attendents are so worried about being fast that they can’t decrease speed, making the purchasing experience not so good to whom is trying to avoid rush hours. 

In big cities of Brazil, it´s the opposite. McDonald’s, e.g. If you go there at 3pm, people will be very relaxed and service will be slower than lunch time. Why it is different from NYC if they learn the same way? Cultural issues? Paid by hour versus Paid by shift? 

Anyway, companies must understand that they need to serve in a proper way depending on kind of customers, time gap, etc.. It´s both frustating when you need something fast or you are trying to avoid rush behavior and they don’t get it. 

By Felipe S. Dall’Igna


Facebook Timeline: Empowering Brands?!

Is it possible to use facebook timeline to empower a brand? I think so.

If you are a marketer and you already know your audience, don’t you know what they like? You know exactly how they react to the way people tell them stories. You know exactly what kind of stories they spread in a good or bad way. You know which one they couldn’t care less. So, think about? Is there a better way to tell your story? Is there a nice way to tell everybody what some people already heard about, but not from you? Come on, stop crying against facebook timeline and think about. 

By Felipe S. Dall’Igna